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This Restaurant Is A Real Cliffhanger. Literally.

This Restaurant Is A Real Cliffhanger. Literally.

The Swiss Alps are home to some of the most epic views in all of Europe, and as it goes, the most idyllic spots tend to be the most secluded. Like, for example, this restaurant and hotel in the sky.

The Äescher mountain hotel is perched on the side of a cliff face 1,453 metres above sea level, and to get there you need to hike the whole way up or hop aboard a cable car which will deliver you to your destination with ease.


The cable car ride starts in Wasserauen, one of the most beautiful parts of Alpstein. Throughout the ride, you’ll spy magnificent views across the Appenzell hill-landscape, Sankt Gall, Thurgau and Lake Constance.

The restaurant and hotel has actually been wedged right into the cliff face, making it one of the most secluded places to either eat or spend the night in the world. The hotel gets booked out early though; I guess some people think this would be a nice sight to wake up to, hey? If you do manage to nab an overnight reservation, at $64AUD per night, the price is absolutely right. That said, the hotel part of the establishment is closed throughout 2017 for renovations, but you can still go there for a meal.


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Once you’re there, head over to the Wildkirchli-Museum to check out some prehistoric discoveries. There are also wonderful hiking areas near Aescher including the Wildkirchli, just 15 minutes away.

The restaurant is open from early May until November 1 each season, which means there’s plenty of time to organise your trip.

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