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This Company Finds, Customises & Delivers Your Dream Adventure Van

This Company Finds, Customises & Delivers Your Dream Adventure Van

We’ve all read the stories – a couple making a caravan from scratch to drive across the Outback, a bunch of Aussies converting an old Canadian school bus to travel across North America, and so on. But what about the rest of us who aren’t blessed with carpenter skills, and who wouldn’t know how to install a portable toilet to save our lives. We’d like the option of living off-grid in our own customised portable homes too, you know. Well, a solution may have arrived, almost literally at your doorstep.


Townsend Travel Trailers are a Californian based company offering a pretty sweet deal for us lazy adventurers. They’ll do all the hard yards (the purchasing, the gutting, the customising, the carpentry and all the finishing touches) and even deliver it right to your door.


Once you pick your transport of choice (popular options include trailers, trucks, vans or even buses), renovations can take up to three months to complete. All features are completely customisable, and the team works directly with you to find the perfect floor plan for your new portable home. Bathroom, living area, bedrooms and even kitchens are all on the menu, as are sky lights, windows and swanky decorations.


Sounds pretty sweet right? Well of course, it all comes at a cost – and a pretty hefty one at that. Classic model prices start at $35,000USD ($45,000AUD) with premium models hitting almost $65,000USD ($85,000AUD). Of course the price is relative to all the work hours and what you’re getting in return – a completely furnished, functioning and awesome living space, delivered to your door.

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No word yet on whether they’ll deliver to us here in Oz, but there’s no harm in asking, right? Find out more from Townsend Travel Trailers here.

(All images: Townsend Travel Trailers)

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