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Here Are The Cheapest Cities To Go On A Date

Here Are The Cheapest Cities To Go On A Date

Planning a date can be stressful at the best of times. Not only do you have to figure out where to go, what to do and — if it’s a first date — whether or not they’ll like you (eee!), you have to consider the cost.

Dating site Elite Singles took it upon themselves to see how much a standard date would cost in 25 major cities. For the record, a standard date is a bottle of wine, two movie tickets, a mid-range dinner for two and an 8km taxi ride home. So, special occasion, first date material or even just a fun night out with your fav friend.

The website found that the most expensive city to take your partner out on a date is Oslo, where a standard date will set you back around $180AUD in very pretty krone. This is followed closely by Tokyo at $170AUD and then New York City for $160AUD.

Romance doesn’t come cheap in Oslo. Photo: Pedro Layant/Flickr CC

As the eighth-most-expensive city, a standard date night in Auckland costs around $137AUD, followed by Paris at number nine ($132AUD) and then Sydney. For an average date night in the Harbour City, expect to spend around $128AUD, which doesn’t sound so bad.

The city of love is… Surprisingly affordable. Photo: André P. Meyer-Vitali/Flickr CC

Of course, the survey did look at some of the cheapest places to snag a meal with your crush and/or ball-and-chain. You can have a whole night out for two in Mumbai for $72AUD, Istanbul for $71AUD, Mexico City for $68AUD, Cape Town for $60AUD or Bogota for $57AUD.

Fifty-seven bucks for a special night out? Hell, you’ll look like an absolute baller and not even break the bank.

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Check out the full list of 25 cities here.

(Lead image: Oslo, Norway by Giuseppe Milo/Flickr CC)

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