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Dubai’s Nap Bar Is Totally Genius

Dubai’s Nap Bar Is Totally Genius

Travelling can be exhausting; all that walking, eating and sightseeing can really take a toll on your body, and sometimes all you really want to do is take a big long nap to sort yourself out. This is especially true in a sprawling city like Dubai, so thank goodness someone decided to open a space specifically for napping during the day.


Developed by Smarin, a French furniture studio, the Nap Bar is a temporary pop up space that was developed in the most part to promote their comfy napping pods, and also to cater to a host of weary wanderers.

The Nap Bar is equipped with a bunch of dune-shaped sleeping chairs, special nap pillows, herbal teas and essential oils to help you relax and catch those Zs. Personal ponchos are also up for grabs to help block out that unforgiving daylight.


The best part is that you even get your own original lullaby to help you gently nod of to dream land. It’s perfect.


The Nap Bar’s pop-up in Dubai proved to be a big hit, so it means they’ll be hitting the road with this genius space soon, right? Fingers crossed for an Aussie edition.

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(Images: Smarin)

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