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PSA: A Chocolate Kebab Shop Exists In The UK

PSA: A Chocolate Kebab Shop Exists In The UK

Drop everything – there’s a chocolate kebab shop in Wales. And yes, there’s a chocolate rotisserie.

While a chocolate kebab might sound like something a broke uni student creates in the dead of night, it’s actually something hoards of people are lining up to purchase from a tiny shop in Wales. But hey – if those single-serve Viennettas have taught us anything about 2016, it’s that unconventional desserts are very much ‘in’ this year.

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The Chocolate Kebab House is located in Swansea in southern Wales, and it’s come into the spotlight lately thanks to their eponymous dish. Their epic chocolate kebabs are created using shaved chocolate from a real-life chocolate bar rotisserie.


The shop serves up these choco kebabs with decadent toppings like strawberries, cream and Nutella, a sweet sugary sauce, wrapped up in your choice of pita, waffle or crepe.

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If a kebabs aren’t your flavour, the shop also serves up stuffed churros, epic freakshakes and decadent looking cakes.

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I really didn’t know I needed this until just now.

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