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PSA: ‘Sailor Moon’ Is Coming To YouTube For Free

PSA: ‘Sailor Moon’ Is Coming To YouTube For Free

Sailor Moon: The First Three Seasons Are Coming To YouTube In Australia

Here’s a friendly PSA to anyone who’s cleared their Netflix queue and has already rewatched The Office during self-isolation: as of next week you can watch Sailor Moon on YouTube for free.

The first three seasons of the anime, which are regarded as the show’s most popular era, are coming to the the sailormoon-official channel on April 24.

More than 100 episodes of Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon R and Sailor Moon S will be free to watch. More episodes are scheduled for release on the YouTube channel all the way through until July.

Officially, this good news is part of the marketing push for the new movie, Sailor Moon Eternal, which is set to hit cinemas in September this year.

Unofficially, though, we’re just happy to have a chance to revisit the iconic show for free. This is the first time Sailor Moon will be available to watch in Australia, so happy quarantine to us.

Here’s everything you need to know about Sailor Moon before watching.

The show follows the adventures of Usagi Tsukino, a middle school student who meets a magical, talking cat name Luna and is given the power to transform into the heroic Sailor Moon.

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During the first three seasons, she teams up with other Sailor Soldiers like Neptune, Saturn, and Pluto to save the world. It’s the ultimate Leading Lady squad.

These seasons include fan favourite story arcs like finding the Rainbow Crystals, the Hell Tree saga and the battle with Queen Beryl.

Looking for more goodies to stream? The original Fleabag theatre show is available here, and Aussie food royalty Maggie Beer is streaming cooking videos every day. Or revisit another classic on YouTube with Russell Coight’s All Aussie Adventures.

(Lead image: Sailor Moon /  Toei Animation)

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