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Please Enjoy The Video Of A Turkish Man Who Built A Paragliding Couch And Flew It Over The Ocean

Please Enjoy The Video Of A Turkish Man Who Built A Paragliding Couch And Flew It Over The Ocean

Hasan Kaval flew his paragliding couch over the ocean.

We’ve all done some pretty desperate things to keep ourselves entertained during iso, but a man in Turkey has just outdone them all. Hasan Kaval built a special paragliding couch and took it for a trip through the skies, and it’s absolutely the most impressive thing I’ve seen all week.

In a video shared to YouTube, Kaval shows off his custom flying couch, complete with wheels, a lamp, footstool, TV and a massive parachute. I can’t understand what he’s saying, but his setup looks like something that definitely shouldn’t fly.

And then, it does!

The video shows his friends pushing the couch down a hill and then becoming airborne. Once he’s in the sky, Kaval changes into some comfy slippers, munches on some snacks, and watches TV.

Watch the paragliding couch for yourself and then we’ll regroup:


But the craziest thing about the stunt is that he’s not even strapped in. This man is dead-ass just sitting in a couch that’s gliding hundreds of metres above the ocean, and he’s not even tethered to anything.

“I wasn’t scared, my friends trusted me. It was fine,” he told Ladbible. “I felt so good and relaxed.”

This situation seems like the IRL equivalent of the “this is fine” dog, but go off, Kaval!

He’s apparently been dreaming of pulling off the stunt for years, and decided that it was finally time. Look, all I’m saying is that with everything else happening in 2020, a video of a man paragliding a couch above the ocean is exactly what we all needed.

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In just a few days, his video’s amassed more than 488,000 views, and for once the comments section is a place of overwhelming positivity.

“This guy is cooler than the other side of my pillow,” wrote one user.

“Amazed how he was able to balance with those big balls,” said another.

(Lead image: Hasan Kaval / Youtube)

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