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This Map Reveals The Most Popular TV Shows Produced In Each Country

This Map Reveals The Most Popular TV Shows Produced In Each Country

most popular tv shows in the world map

One of the reasons I’m so obsessed with travel is that it really teaches you that no matter where we grew up, no matter what we believe, humans are all basically the same — in a uniting way, not a boring one. Of course, after seeing this map with the most popular TV shows in every country, I’m re-evaluating everything.

Rare Reviews used IMDB data to identify “the most popular TV shows produced in every country around the world. In cases where we couldn’t find a highly-rated series produced in a given country, we looked for TV shows filmed in or with a storyline set in the area” explained their website.

The results are actually super diverse and will basically give you an armchair trip around the world.

For example, the top-rated show — crime drama Koombiyo (Ants) “about a homeless man who gets caught up in the world of organized crime” — is from Sri Lanka. Which I love, but was not expecting. What I don’t love is that its main writer mysteriously went missing in 2018 and hasn’t been found yet — even if it does add authenticity to the show.

Here’s the full map:

The USA is, not surprisingly, all about Breaking Bad (even though I honestly never understood the hype and would love to know why everyone tells me I have to get FIVE SEASONS IN before it gets good.

The UK offering is Sherlock, the remake starring Benedict Cumberbatch, that is. So many people have told me I need to start watching Korean dramas, so I guess I’ll start with South Korea‘s number one, Miseuteo Syeonsyain (Mr. Sunshine) — a period drama about a Korean boy born into slavery in the 1900s during Korea’s fight for independence.

Meanwhile, in South America, telenovelas are leading the charge. Venezuela’s Kassandra won out — and I do love me some soap operas.

A little true crime is topping the charts in Morocco thanks to Moudawala (Deliberation), and Kenyan comedy-drama Sue na Jonnie is slaying the game with its mistaken identity storyline.

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Over in Australia, the world is loving Farscape — and I mean yeah, sure, I guess? The Almighty Johnsons is number one out of New Zealand, and personally, I say justice for Outrageous Fortune.

So there you have it, plenty of new shows to add to your Netflix and chill list.

(All images: Rare Reviews)

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