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I Had A First Date On Zoom And It Actually Wasn’t A Total Disaster

I Had A First Date On Zoom And It Actually Wasn’t A Total Disaster

Zoom Date: Here's What It's Actually Like To Go On A First Date Online

I don’t mean to brag, but I recently went on a first date. Of course, it was a Zoom date, because that’s the kind of cursed world we’re living in right now, and let me tell you… I was terrified.

By some kind of demented luck, I matched with a girl on Hinge right after *all this* happened. Since we couldn’t meet in person, we decided to go on a first date over Zoom instead.

We can all agree that first dates were bad enough when you could still meet your thottie at a bar, get comfortably tipsy, and maybe go in for a nerve wracking kiss at the end. Even though I was excited to meet her, I hated to think about the kind of horror a virtual first date had in store for us.

I worried the sound of my housemate’s piano lesson would reach my room. There was a good chance my internet would cut out for, like, no reason and the lighting was doing nothing for my good angles.

Mostly I wondered if the awkwardness of the situation would outweigh any kind of spark and I’d die alone, but that’s unrelated to coronavirus.

Turns out, a Zoom date is actually really cute.

Thankfully, it wasn’t at all the horror show I was expecting. We planned it like any other first date and then I jumped into the group chat to nervously ask the squad what I should wear.

My normal first date outfit is something sophisticated with a hint of slutty — so a lace bodysuit, basically.

That felt like too much for Zoom, so I decided on my favourite shirt and, below the camera, comfy pants. It’s the kind of outfit I wouldn’t let a crush see me in until at least a month in, but on the night it just felt right

Joining the meeting was the most awkward part of the whole experience.

It took us a few attempts to get connected, and for a while I didn’t think I’d ever stop furiously pressing buttons on my laptop in the hope that something would magically start working.

But once we were connected, I actually found it fun.

Most people aren’t having sex right now but at least our dates are getting more intimate.

I got over my nerves quicker than usual, probably because I was sitting in my bedroom and nothing bad happens here (minus some light crying and getting crumbs in my bed) and also because I’ve become a lightweight in iso and I was already feeling tipsy.

Because there was no loud music and no men trying to flirt without realising we were on a date, we could just talk. I even stopped worrying about wearing less makeup than usual, because Zoom’s beauty filter had me covered.

We might never have another chance to wear trackies and no makeup on a first date, might as well treasure it while we can.

This sounds great but there really do be downsides to Zoom dates.

I don’t mean to brag again, but I’m great on first dates. I love getting to know someone, asking them questions, and telling them all my best stories.

But on Zoom, I’m less switched on. The casual vibe is great, but there were so many things I wanted to ask that I straight-up forgot at the time.

What can I say, I was on the Dumb Bitch juice and in fine form.

I don’t remember and won’t share everything we talked about, but it turned into a really fun first date.

Just as we were getting into it, my internet disconnected. I messaged her on Hinge to explain why I’d disappeared, we laughed about it, and she gave me her number.

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Since then we’ve asked each other out for two more “awkward Zoom dates” even though they’re not particularly awkward anymore. It’s just fun to remember the hot mess we endured at the beginning.

The main thing I discovered about going on a Zoom date is that it’s weird, but no worse than dating IRL. First dates are always awkward at the beginning, but if you like each other then you figure it out.

Is a Zoom date worth giving a try?

Yes! Going on a Zoom date (or any other kind of virtual date) is a learning curve to be sure, but it’s definitely an option worth exploring if you meet someone you like.

My one piece of advice is to lean into it. While it can be uncomfortable, Zoom dates can also feel much more fun and intimate than meeting in person.

It’s also important to do some prep, just like you would before a real date. You might not be subjecting your housemates to a fashion show to help pick an outfit, but you should find a good angle and test your speakers.

If you want to ask someone out over Zoom, here’s our guide to going on a successful virtual date, including some fun date night ideas if you want to spice things up.

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