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How To Go On A Zoom Date That Isn’t *Totally* Awkward

How To Go On A Zoom Date That Isn’t *Totally* Awkward

Zoom Date Ideas: How To Have A Successful Virtual Date

Just when you thought dating couldn’t get any worse, along comes a global pandemic that stops us from leaving the house or getting intimate with other people. Now, instead of planning a low-key first date at the pub, we have the Zoom date. And it is awkward.

There are pros and cons of Zoom dates (pro: it’s really easy to bail if they turn out to be a creep; con: no chance of getting lucky at the end of the night).

But no amount of pros could make it not absolutely weird. You’re meeting a hot stranger you’ve been crushing on through a screen. You’re both in your homes. Australian internet is a bit shit and sometimes the connection drops out for literally no reason. They might not have pants on. It’s weird.

But we’re all hot and horny, so as if that’s going to stop us.

Here, then, are some tips for how to make a Zoom date (or any kind of virtual date over FaceTime or Skype or whatever you like) not absolutely, soul-crushingly awkward. We’ve even thrown in a few fun date night activities you can do with your virtual boo.

Here are 4 tips for a successful Zoom date:

#1 Get dressed up

Even if you’re just going to be sitting at a desk or on your bed, put some effort into your appearance. Wear something nice, do your hair, clean your room. It might be online, but you’re still trying to make a good first impression.

Zoom’s beauty filter is there for you on those nights you don’t feel like doing your entire makeup routine. And why should you? The world is on fire, no one’s got time for eye shadow.

At the same time, sometimes doing your makeup for a Zoom date isn’t about impressing a stranger but about making yourself happy.

#2 Prep your webcam

Log into whatever program you’re meeting up on ahead of time to find a good angle, check your lighting and background, and make sure you hair doesn’t look weird on camera. It’ll be easier to relax once the date starts if you know you’re serving straight up looks into the camera.

#3 Have a drink (if you want to)

Just because you’re not going to a bar doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drink. First dates are stressful enough without liquid courage, and it’s totally normal to let them see your overfilled glass of wine.

#4 Laugh about this insane situation

You’re going on a Zoom date, it’s okay to call it out. In fact, joking about how awkward it is can make it less awkward.

At the end of the night, it’s still a date, and don’t we all want to date someone who makes us laugh?

And if you want fun date night ideas, here are 5 things you can do together online:

#1 Watch a movie

Thanks to Netflix Party, you can have a cute movie night with your crush without either of you leaving the house. Sure, you can’t quite cuddle up together, but if you both lean into the cosy vibes then it’s basically the same thing.

Our advice is to pick something B-grade or something you’ve both seen before so you can talk over the top for those quality date vibes.

#2 Play a game

There are a whole heap of games you can play online, from Cards Against Humanity to anything in a Jackbox Party Pack.

If you’re both into Animal Crossing you can invite them to your island for a cute date of flower picking, tree growing and town management.

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#3 Play a drinking game

I don’t know about you guys, but I love getting tipsy with a new crush. You learn more about them and they get to see what you’re like after you’ve drunk enough to enjoy dancing. It’s a win win.

Check out our round up of the best drinking games to play over Zoom here.

#4 See who can make the best cocktail

MasterChef is back and everyone’s horny for the new judges. Channel that thirsty energy by challenging your date to see who can make the best cocktail for your date night.

Of course, since there’s no way to taste each other’s drinks you’ll have to own up if yours tastes awful. But you can make that cute too!

#5 Get some culture

Is your date an intellectual? Live recordings of Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals are streaming online for the first time ever, and the Sydney Opera House is running a free digital program every Wednesday to Sunday.

We’ve even rounded up some of the best virtual tours of museums and art galleries here, because nothing screams “third date” like wandering the Louvre together, online.

Good luck out there, thotties.

(Lead image: Kari Shea / Unsplash)

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