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People Are Sharing Their ‘Quarantine Routines’ & I’ve Gotta Ask, Is Everyone Doing Okay?

People Are Sharing Their ‘Quarantine Routines’ & I’ve Gotta Ask, Is Everyone Doing Okay?

Quarantine Routine: People Are Sharing Hilariously Fake Daily Routines

We’re all spending a lot more time at home, which sounds like the dream until you actually have to do it and realise it gets tired real quick.

While some people are out here sharing tips about working from home and things to do at home for fun, others are adding to the rapidly-growing influx of memes about our situation.

The latest meme to take off is to share your quarantine routine, listing everything you do at home and at what time you do them, as if you’re sharing the things that provide a sense of structure and normalcy in this crazy situation.

The joke is simple: coronavirus has got us all stressed, depressed and horny, so all we do at home is eat, sleep, masturbate and question the nature of our reality.

One of the first and most popular quarantine routine memes is  @________z_____‘s tweet. The post has over 500k likes and has been retweeted more than 115k times since March 19. “This is just a general guide for myself based on my goals and what works for me,” they begin, before listing their entire routine as “1:00pm-3:30am: vibe”.

From there, others began sharing chaotic takes on their own daily routines, offering the internet glimpses into the anguished minds of people who have been shut up indoors for too long.

Here are 16 of the best quarantine routine memes:

















(Lead image: The Simpsons)

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