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The Most Bizarre Things People Are Doing In Self-Isolation To Entertain Themselves

The Most Bizarre Things People Are Doing In Self-Isolation To Entertain Themselves

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Some of us are dealing with self-isolation better than others. Personally, I impulse bought $170 of skincare and video games the other night, so I’m doing fine. But other, better people have channeled this chaotic time into more useful things — like making quarantine memes..

First it was Animal Crossing, then quarantine routines, then 30-minute haircuts. Truly, we’re spoiled for choice right now.

But as this goes on, the quarantine memes are getting more and more elaborate.

Take, for example, Twitter user @laurensbruja, who got into an argument with Siri during an online presentation.

Truly, nobody asked you, Siri.

She’s not the only person ready to throw fists against random objects in her house. It seems like all this time inside is making people realise they’re due for a home makeover.

Then there are people who are recreating their hobbies at home, like freestyle skiier Andri Ragettli. He created a stay-at-home parkour circuit to rival Michael Scott’s attempt in The Office.

Ragettli shared a video of his circuit that shows him jumping, rolling and balancing his way through all the rooms of his house.

His makeshift course includes mini trampolines, a hoverboard, balance balls and a quick trip outside on his window sill. He even juggles toilet paper rolls at one point, and ends with a backflip and a dose of hand sanitiser.

Even sports fans have found a way to play their game of choice.

Some people are lucky enough to be quarantined with a dog, but that doesn’t mean they’re not still driven to extremes.

Take Twitter user Brandon Morse, who found a way to throw a ball for his golden retriever even without going to the park.

“The dog has discovered how to utilize gravity and invented a game called “Stair Ball.” It’s all we do now,” he wrote on a video showing the game in action.

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Meanwhile a whole heap of people are sharing their best trick shots. You just know they’d never take the time to work these out if they weren’t forced to stay home all day.

So far we’ve seen people hit balls off walls, into cups, putt between their cat’s legs, hit a disc into an Xbox and even pull off a shot that ended with the ball activating a hand sanitiser dispenser.


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But perhaps the best thing to come out of this situation so far is the trend of recreating the “A Little Bit Alexis” dance on TikTok.

Schitt’s Creek fans will remember the moment when Alexis Rose performed the dance off the title track of her “critically reviewed” reality TV series.

It was A Moment, seeing Alexis’ uncompromising confidence in her own mediocre performance talents. Somehow the recreations are just as amazing as the original. See for yourself:

Safe to say, people are going a bit stir crazy. Lucky for you, we’ve got all that covered.

Here are our top picks for fun things to do at home, from easy workouts to making a quarantine playlist and having a Netflix Party with your long-distance friends. We’ll get through this year together.

(Lead image: chronicdancer / TikTok, TheBrandonMorse / Twitter, Andriragettli / Twitter)

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