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Don’t Worry, The Internet Is Full Of Great Ideas For The New 30-Minute Haircut Rule

Don’t Worry, The Internet Is Full Of Great Ideas For The New 30-Minute Haircut Rule

Of all the problems coming out of the current pandemic, I think we can all agree that haircuts are probably the last thing on our lists.

Having said that, with all the new — and often confusing — rules shared by ScoMo last night, we still can’t help having SO many questions around the newly imposed 30-minute haircut rule.

First of all, why are haircuts allowed at all? Secondly, why 30 minutes? Is a 35-minute haircut just crazy talk? Could you not catch a virus as easily in five minutes as you could in an hour?

Also, if 30-minutes is indeed the limit that will keep us all safe, what exactly does a 30-minute haircut look like? I mean, my very balding Dad who pops in the chair for a five-second buzz cut is probably laughing, but how would this work for people with long or styled hair?

Obviously, these are SUPER important questions right now, and the internet has some superb answers.

#1 Wayne’s World wasn’t so dumb afterall

#2 We can absolutely take inspo from our pets

#5 Or any animal, really

#4 Bowl cuts are absolutely back

#5 As is ‘The Wookie’

#6 It’s time to get inventive with your cutting tools

#7 The Simpsons actually provides a handy style guide

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#8 It is absolutely time to make friends with this guy:

#9 Prepare for even MORE bragging from your dad about his cheap/fast hair cut

#10 Apparently this used to be a thing, so maybe bring it back?

Of course, to me it makes more sense to just chuck your hair into a ponytail and stay inside — but what do I know?

(Lead Image: Wayne’s World) 

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