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QT Hotels Have Launched Pooch-Friendly Rooms, Complete With Doggy Menus

QT Hotels Have Launched Pooch-Friendly Rooms, Complete With Doggy Menus

We already know that 2020 is for staycations and Australian road trips, but that still leaves pet owners with the age old problem of what to do with your doggo when you’re off on an adventure.

You could dump them with your parents, sure, or spend a million dollars on doggy daycare. OR you could just take your fur baby with you.

QT Hotels are making it so that you won’t even have to stick to dingy motels or camping either, thanks to their new Pup Yeah! Fur-Friendly Stays across Australia and New Zealand.

Personally, I’m a fan of the QT chain in general — they’re unique style and quirky details make the hotels a destination, rather than just somewhere to leave your bags. Now your dog can enjoy the luxury just as much. We’re talking dog menus, dog spa and their very own designer dog beds.

Let’s start with the dog dining menu, shall we?

First of all, the menus are specially curated by two people who have the job title of ‘Head Of Treats’. This is no dry-food-and-your-done affair. Some menu highlights include Steak Tartare (with raw beef, mushrooms and egg yolk), risotto (with bone broth, bone marrow, parsley and crispy pig ear) and Livers And Toast (with chicken livers, pork neck and chicken gravy on wholemeal toast). Heck, there’s even dessert options, like the ice cream sandwich with bacon ice cream, dried liver and oat biscuit.

Is your doggo a vegan? No problem, QT have a whole vet-approved vegan menu created by Eden Bondi. Honestly, these dogs will eat better than I do.

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Now onto the dog spa (like, what?). At some of their properties, QT have partnered with local pet groomers to provide pupQ grooming, with services like pawdicures, mud masks and blow dries. There’s even someone to take them for a walk while you chill out.

Pup Yeah! rooms start from $450, which includes the doggo bedding, water bowel and a selection from the dog menu. All dogs under 20 kilograms are welcome, and you can make your bookings right here.

(All Images: Provided / QT Hotels)

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