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7 Totally Underrated NSW Trips You Haven’t Done Yet

7 Totally Underrated NSW Trips You Haven’t Done Yet

long weekend getaway

Who else is looking forward to a long weekend getaway this weekend? Say it with me now: road trips are back.

There are damn near endless cool places to visit around New South Wales, so I’ve decided to focus on a few of the more hidden gems.

I’ve also checked to make sure all the inclusions are currently open, however it’s a good idea to look at the NSW National Parks Alert List for updated info before you go.

#1 Mungo National Park


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Down in the South-West-ish corner of New South Wales, Mungo National Park is one of the oldest places in the world — outside of Africa — to have been occupied by modern humans since ancient times. That alone is enough reason to go.

If you needed more, does the photo above look like a scene out of Star Wars to anyone else? Colour me obsessed.

#2 Orange / Mudgee


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Like all sane adults, I’m going include a lesser-known wine region. Well actually, I couldn’t pick just one, so I went for two instead.

Like any good travel writer, I have personally visited and tasted wine from Orange and Mudgee so I could someday write this article, and I have to say they’re all pretty fab (in my professional wine opinion).

Not that either of these destinations is a secret, but they’re seriously underrated for the wine they’re producing, IMO. In fact, I just tasted a Zinfandel from Lowe Wines in Mudgee and WOW it’s good. So I’m including them and there’s nothing you can do about it.

#2 Dorrigo National Park

Excuse me, are you seeing this? Dorrigo National Park, this haven of waterfalls and lush forests, is about an hour inland from Coffs Harbour.

#3 Jindabyne


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You don’t need to wait for the official snow season to start to enjoy this region.

During summer or winter, Jindabyne on the edge of Kosciuszko National Park is a great option. It’s surrounded by beautiful scenery, it’s a more economical option right by Thredbo, and there are plenty of cute cafes and shops.

#6 Perry Sandhills

Experience the real beauty of the outback at Perry Sandhills, just outside of Wentworth near the South Australian border. NSW tends to focus only on its beaches and forget about the desolate beauty found inland.

According to geologists who know much more than me, these dunes were formed by wind erosions over a matter of thousands of years, ever since an ice age 40,000 years ago. So this is some truly ancient land you can go see.

They’re be open every Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

#7 Broken Hill


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I might be about 80% a city girl, but the rest of me craves to be anywhere but, particularly over the last couple of years. I want a long road trip through red dirt, and star-gazing that isn’t blurred out by the lights. So yeah, I want Broken Hill.

There’s a rich Indigenous heritage here, so be sure to join a rock art tour. You also have to wander through the sandstone sculptures of the Living Desert State Park.

(Lead Image: Provided / Destination NSW)

This article was originally published on June 4th, 2020 and has since been updated.

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