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VW’s New Camper Is The Van Life Choice Of The One Percent

VW’s New Camper Is The Van Life Choice Of The One Percent


Inspired by the work-from-anywhere culture, Volkswagen have launched the new hybrid camper the Ventje. Translating to “little guy” in Dutch, the German engineered and Dutch designed vans live up to their name by packing a lot of features into a vehicle that still fits in a typical parking space.

Unlike your ‘upcycled’ fitted campervan, Ventje vans come fully equipped with all the gadgets you’ll need for life on the road. Fitting five and sleeping four, the Ventje seems to be the sort of magical modular people mover to inspire wild dreams of becoming a fulltime van life influencer.

The flexible interior cab can transport up to five people, featuring full insulation and a diesel heater to keep travellers cosy. At night, the lounge converts to a bed that sleeps two (140cm x 195cm). A pop-top allows room for an additional bed for two (120cm x 200cm ) as well as providing the standing room you often miss while vanning around. There’s also an active ventilation system that keeps fresh air coming in through the night so you won’t wake up with with muggy misty windows.

Come breakfast time, the rear kitchen features a 26-litre fridge, two gas burners, and a 10 litre tank for water. On a nice day, the interior furniture can be converted into an outdoor setting AKA the perfect scene for an Insta story about ‘Today’s Office’.

There are also enough power outlets for the whole family with 4x USB charging ports, 1x 12V socket, and 3x European wall sockets. It’s all powered by a 12V leisure battery which can be charged at powered campsites or with an optional solar panel. Once fully charged VW claim the battery can last for “three to for days” before needing a charge, meaning a weekend off grid is definitely on the cards.

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Currently only available for purchase in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, a fully-equipped Ventje will set you back around €50,000 (~$76,000 AUD). But don’t rush to buy that questionable $5k van off a sketchy backpacker right away; Ventje vans will soon be available to rent around Europe.

Images: Ventje

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