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‘Ocean Alley’ Share Their Top 5 NSW Travels Spots After Months On The Road

‘Ocean Alley’ Share Their Top 5 NSW Travels Spots After Months On The Road

Mates, live music is back. You can follow a live music trail through cute and quirky Queensland outback towns, I was lucky enough to be one of roughly 15,000 people to attend the 2021 BASSINTHEGRASS in Darwin (highly recommended), and Next Exit festival just finished making its way around New South Wales. What a time to be alive.

As headliners of two out of three of those festivals, Ocean Alley has been pretty damn busy (and, as I was able to catch them in Darwin, pretty damn talented).

The band — consisting of members Baden, Angus, Mitch, Nic, Lachlan and Tom — just finished travelling around with Next Exit, and were kind enough to share their top five favourite places from being one the road.

*Some entries edited for clarity.

#1 Oaks Ranch, Bateman’s Bay

“When we played in Batemans Bay we were lucky enough to stay at our drummer’s family ranch (Oaks Ranch) down in Mossy Point. It was probably the best accommodation we’ve ever stayed in on tour”.

“It was located on a huge private acreage, had a bar, swimming pool and golf course. We sat by the fire all night. We highly recommend checking this place out if you’re on the NSW  South Coast”. 

#2 Mill Beach, South Durras

“The surf was pretty big when we were down south, and we got tipped off to go for a walk along Mill Beach because there was a secret surf spot there. We walked through the track and found the wave breaking off the rocks but the swell wasn’t quite big enough yet”.

“Mitch ran around the rocks and we all tried to hide from him and pretend we’d left him there. After about five minutes of hiding in the bushes, Baden saw there was a huge python about 30cm away from us. It was just chilling and lying in the sun, so we stuck around for a bit longer looking at it”.

#3 Wobbegong Bay, South Duras

“We sat down and enjoyed the sunshine inside the Wobbegong Bay for a bit. There was a family of kangaroos just lying next to us the whole time. Obie went up close to say g’day and pose for a photo”.  

#4 Tamworth Vietnamese Restaurant, Tamworth

“On night one of the regional NSW tour, we flew into Tamworth. It was Obie’s (our drummer) birthday. so our designated Restaurant Manager, Lach, got to work to find us the best feed in Tamworth”.

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“He sent us to Tamworth Vietnamese and the food was great. We drank Blue Lagoon cocktails all night”.

#5 Mudgee Bakery, Mudgee


“On our way out of Mudgee, after the last show of the tour, we pulled over and stopped at Mudgee Bakery before hitting the road to Dubbo so we could fly home”.

“We love our bakeries (especially Angus), and this was a great find — five stars for the sausage rolls”. 

(All images: provided / Ocean Alley)

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