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POND’s Top 5 Favourite Places To Just Hang Out

POND’s Top 5 Favourite Places To Just Hang Out

Perth’s music scene is a funny beast. A bunch of bands (like Tame Impala, Mink Mussel Creek and Allbrook/Avery) seemingly braid their members together as an ever-changing, all-inclusive, ego-free collective. Nick Allbrook is the centrepiece of POND, and over the course of a few months he and a revolving door of friends stitched together their sixth studio album Man It Feels Like Space Again and are currently touring the hell out of it, including a spot on Laneway Festival, an Australian tour and an upcoming European tour.

When they’re not touring the world, POND like to no normal stuff – like hang out. Here’s Allbrook’s five favourite places in the world to do just that.

#1 South Beach, Fremantle

(Photo: Alexander Fortin/Flickr)

Sitting out on the groin, looking at crabs, diving off through the seaweed, watching dogs socialise, swimming out to the pontoon. In every season its a new and wonderful kind of paradise.

#2 The Odell residence, Balga

(Previous member) Nick Odell’s leviathan heavy drumming could summon Ragnarök and his cooking could be served at Valhalla for Odin himself. The finest wines, eats, laughs and heaviest record collection is worth getting prodded awake at 5am by Archer and Ziggy.

 #3 Windjana Gorge

(Photo: Luke Redman/Flickr)

I grew up just near there. Time and distance have built the childhood memories I have of the place into something sublime and sacred.

#4 On any porch, in then hottest of summer

With Peter Bibby, playing prospectors, drinking juleps, roasting bones, singing songs and watching skate videos.

#5 La Niche, Collingwood

(Photo: La Niche/Facebook)

Anthony is the finest, most charming gentleman and the most kick ass publican to ever serve Ricard properly in Melbourne. Problem is, it’s just so damn wholesome and fun at La Niche, you’re drinking Cote du Rhone and it’s all civilised and joyous, and theres a sublimely stereotypical chanteur or jazz trio, and Anthony gives you a free glass of Eau de Vie then you try walk home and you find yourself headfirst in a bin when all you were trying to do was gesticulate wildly at a passing car.

Pond’s new album Man It Feels Like Space Again is out now via EMI.

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