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This Cafe Only Sells Single-Origin Hot Chocolate

This Cafe Only Sells Single-Origin Hot Chocolate

Melbourne might be world-famous for its #cafeculture, but coffee’s not the only game in town anymore. Mörk Chocolate, a melbourne-based drinking chocolate company, has just opened up a brewhouse and tasting bar dedicated entirely to chocolate in a North Melbourne warehouse.


Mörk, which means “dark” in Swedish, started with a fortuitous meeting between co-founders Kiril Shaginov and Josefin Zernell at a coffee roastery in Sweden. Since then, they have sold their line of small-batch, high-quality, single-origin drinking chocolate (sweetened only with coconut sugar, natch) to Melbourne institutions like Seven Seeds, Proud Mary, Common Ground and Clement Coffee. Now, they have a space of their own to spread the gospel of chocolate, but don’t call it a cafe – Shaginov and Zernell prefer the term “sensory experience”.


There aren’t any food or coffee options at the 16-seat Mörk concept store on Errol street, but there is a range of hot and cold chocolate drinks, from chocolate soda to salted hot cocoa with smoked marshmallow.


Now if that’s not the most decadent thing you’ve ever heard, I don’t know what is.

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(Lead image: John Loo/Flickr. Other images: Mörk Chocolate/Facebook)

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