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There Is A Texas-Sized, Texas-Shaped Pool In Dallas

There Is A Texas-Sized, Texas-Shaped Pool In Dallas

I suppose it’s not exactly a surprise to find a Texas-shaped anything in the Great State itself – this is a place, after all, where many residents are so proud of their history and culture that they continue to call it the Republic of Texas, 150 years too late – but this swimming pool takes state pride to a whole new level.


Established in 1961, The Texas Pool on the Creek is a members-only community swim club located in Plano, TX  (technically its own city, but in reality it’s a suburb of Dallas). The pool holds 635,950 litres of salt water and features a small, concrete diving island in its centre, roughly where Dallas would be on a map. Surprisingly, you don’t need to be a card-carrying citizen of Texas to enjoy the facilities (including a BBQ grill, a snack bar, a volleyball sand pit, two water slides and a diving board), because membership is open to public–join up just in time for a Texas-hot summer.

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