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Arnott’s Is Teasing New Tim Tam Flavours & Hate To Say It But They’re All Extremely Cursed

Arnott’s Is Teasing New Tim Tam Flavours & Hate To Say It But They’re All Extremely Cursed

Arnott's announced four new Tim Tam flavours inspired by British cuisine.

Arnott’s has been out here doing the most lately, but it looks like it’s time to shut down the biscuit industry forever because they just announced four new Tim Tam flavours and ooft, it’s an insult to Aussies everywhere.

The new flavours are inspired by classic British foods, following the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s recent Tim Tam shout out.

“We heard you might want more Tim Tam biscuits over your way!” Arnott’s wrote on Instagram. “We can’t blame you… they’re irresistible! But maybe you would love a few flavours more inspired by your British cuisine?”

We’re not talking a nice earl grey flavour, or a sticky toffee pudding. Hell, I’d even settle for a fruit cake biccie at this point.

Arnott’s announced that Bangers and Mash, Scotch Egg, Fish and Chips, and Scones and Cream are the four new Tim Tam flavours.


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Thankfully, Arnott’s is very clearly having a little joke. None of these are real flavours, except maybe Scones and Cream which sounds delightful.

Now that I’ve stopped having a heart attack at the thought of a Bangers and Mash Tim Tam being unleashed upon the world, I’ve got to admit that it’s a pretty good dig at Johnson’s comments.

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“I want a world in which we send you Marmite, you send us Vegemite,” he said in a press conference about forming a trade deal between Australia and the UK.

“We send you Penguins, and you send us, with reduced tarrifs, these wonderful Arnott’s Tim Tams.”

Vegemite also promised to send “a couple of jars of the good stuff in the post for you this arvo. But don’t worry about sending us any Marmite.”

I think we all need a palate cleanser after that, so here’s the recipe for Monte Carlo biscuits and a lush Tim Tam brownie. While we wait for the Scones and Cream flavour to hit our shelves (we hope), we can go out right now and buy the new Arnott’s biscuits inspired by classic Aussie desserts. We’re on board with all of these!

(Lead image: Arnott’s Tim Tam / Facebook)

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