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This Brewery Is Making Vodka Premixes With Classic Aussie Cordials & We’ll Take A 24-Pack

This Brewery Is Making Vodka Premixes With Classic Aussie Cordials & We’ll Take A 24-Pack

Vodka premixes with cordial from Billson's Brewery

Aussie kids were all hooked on sugary cordial but now that we’re grown up, a lot of us have pivoted to alcoholic drinks. The good news is that Billson’s Brewery has created the best of both world: a new range of vodka premix cans with a bunch of classic cordial flavours.

The Victorian brewery is known for its hand-crafted vodkas and gins, and the fancy cordials you definitely begged your mum to buy. Now they’ve combined their best drinks to create something new.

Billson’s Brewery now sells vodka premix cans in flavours like creamy soda, raspberry, and lemon, lime and bitters.

The entire vodka premix range includes portello, creamy soda, raspberry, kaffir lime, sarsaparilla, blood orange and lemon, lime and bitters.


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Billson’s is closed to the public for the moment, but the online store is still open. The brewery will deliver four, ten, and 24-can boxes to your door across Australia. You can even create your own mixed pack.

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Of course, you can also order the non-alcoholic cordials while you’re there, and they also do a Tropical Escape cocktail box. It comes with vodka, three cordials, sparkling water and fresh limes from the brewery’s garden.

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(Lead image: Billson’s 1865 / Facebook)

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