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Arnott’s Have Decided That Pineapple Does In Fact Belong On Pizza With Their New Shapes Flavour

Arnott’s Have Decided That Pineapple Does In Fact Belong On Pizza With Their New Shapes Flavour

I guess this is the end of all dating app profile conversations starters, because Arnott’s have gone ahead and made a clear statement that pineapple does in fact belong on pizza with their new Shapes flavour.

Released as a joke on April Fool’s morning — a day on which I completely ignore my inbox to save my poor gullible soul the embarrassment — Arnott’s announced the new Hawaiian Pizza Shapes o their social media accounts, which we obviously all assumed to be fake.


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As it turns out, no, the flavour is very much real and will be hitting shelves from mid-May. Very tricksy.

“In a tropical twist, we can now reveal that… HAWAIIAN PIZZA SHAPES ARE ACTUALLY REAL!” Arnott’s Shapes posted on Facebook. Keep your eyes out for these delish new Arnott’s Shapes in a Coles near you!”

“Pineapple on pizza is such a controversial topic that although this flavour started in our Master Baker Kitchen, we tested it as a Shapes April Fool’s Day prank on social media,” explained Shannon Wright, Arnott’s Marketing Manager in a statement.

“Once we saw how Shapes fans reacted online, we knew… Hawaiian Pizza was an absolute winner. Pineapple fans will have to get their fix while they can, this limited-edition flavour won’t last long”.

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As a part of their new release, Arnott’s also happened to conduct a little survey to put the (frankly boring) pineapple on pizza debate to rest so we can all stop talking about it already.

Apparently, 66 percent of Aussie are perfectly happy to have a little pineapple on their pizza — which isn’t a huge majority, but a majority nonetheless. Whether they agree that pineapple is an acceptable topping or not, 70 percent of Aussies have eaten a pineapple pizza.

In news that probably isn’t surprising, people over 55 years old are more likely to want pineapple on their pizza with 71 percent giving it a thumbs up. Meanwhile, 57 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds agree with the controversial topping.

So can we all just agree to move on from the pineapple debate now?

(Lead image: provided / Arnott’s Australia)

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