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There’s A Tim Tam-Themed Room At The QT For A Limited Time And We’re Just As Confused As You

There’s A Tim Tam-Themed Room At The QT For A Limited Time And We’re Just As Confused As You

I’ll. be honest, QT is one of my favourite hotel chains — they’re just the right mix of quirky and luxe. Tim Tams, obviously, are one of my favourite chocolates. So while I’ve never heard of Tim Tam Day before (and am very sure that people just make these things up) I’m completely on board with a TimTam-themed QT experience.

Yep, Arnott’s have partnered with QT Hotels & Resorts to create the Tim Tam Suite — which they describe as “an ultimate oasis for an indulgent night in”. The kicker? It comes with an (almost) never-ending supply of Tim Tams.

“For National Tim Tam day this year we wanted to celebrate [by] granting wishes and delivering something bigger than ever for our incredible Tim Tam fans,” said Arnott’s Marketing Manager Matt Grant in a statement.

“Knowing many Aussies are keen for a night away, we have partnered with QT Hotels and Resorts to bring to life the ultimate indulgent experience via the Tim Tam Suite. The rooms are decked out with nearly everything you could wish for”.

Ok, but what’s included?

Winners receive $250 in credit during their stay to be used on Tim Tam room service and other hotel amenities, so no, you don’t have to eat $250 worth of Tim Tams. They’ll also bunch of luxe items you get to keep, like plush robes, slippers, and sleep masks, and a special in-room Tim Tam dessert menu.

The room is decorated in theme, including chocolate sniff-able wall art — and yes, I’m very confused by this.

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My personal favourite is the facet you get to go to the spaQ day spa for a Tim Tam Crafted Collection-inspired coffee wrap treatment. Have you ever been to their spas? They’re divine. There’s more prizes but you’ll have to win to discover them.

There are two ways to get to stay in this luxe, chocolately room. The first is to book it like a regular person from the website. The other is to win one of five overnight Tim Tam experiences up for grabs. To enter the competition, head here.

(All Images: Provided / Arnott’s Australia)

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