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These Tim Tam Pillows Are The Best Thing You Can Make In An Air Fryer

These Tim Tam Pillows Are The Best Thing You Can Make In An Air Fryer

There are few greater treasures in this world than a good air fryer recipe, preferably one that involves a lot of chocolate (like these air fryed Caramello Koalas).

Due to being a lazy cook, and therefore one of those nerds who religiously follow all the air fryer Facebook groups, I feel it’s my duty to inform you of the newest genius recipe posted in Air Fryer Recipes Australia by a pure genius who¬†gave us permission to share, but asked to remain in pastry anonymity.

The best part is, you’ll only need three ingredients.

Image: Facebook / Air Fryer Recipes Australia

“Ah-mazing! Tim Tam pillows. Wrap a Tim Tam in puff pastry and brush with milk….put in the air fryer for 12 mins on 180 degrees. Dust with icing sugar and serve with ice cream and choc topping,” described the Facebook post.

Answering questions on the post, the user who posted the recipe explains that the biscuits stay nice and crunchy, so you end up with this gooey, crunchy, chocolatey treat that she suggest serving with ice cream. She also suggests cutting the puff pastry sheet into four squares, then use one square per Tim Tam.

Let’s get a little cloe up of the mouth-watering end results here:

Image: Facebook / Air Fryer Recipes Australia

Yuuuummmmmm. I’m just saying, this definitely one-ups the old Tim Tam slam.

Now there are so many new Tim Tam flavours, just imagine the variations you could create. Mango cream Tim Tam pillows served with like, a mango sorbet? Extreme *kissy fingers*.

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Another commenter suggests spreading a little raspberry jam on the puff pastry¬†before you wrap it around the Tim Tam to cook, and I’m not mad at the tweak.

Of course, I think it’s fair to say you could pretty much do this with any of your favourite chocolates — Snickers and Mars Bars are right up the top of my air fryer list.

(Lead Image: Facebook / Air Fryer Recipes Australia)

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