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Messina Wants You To Get All Fancy With Its Autumn Truffle Degustation

Messina Wants You To Get All Fancy With Its Autumn Truffle Degustation

messina truffle gelato degustation

Glow-in-the-dark treats for Vivid 2019, 7-course gelato feasts, and the The Holy Trinity in Easter egg form? Is there anything Gelato Messina can’t do?! We think not, especially since they’ve just announced truffle gelato is on the autumn menu.


Upping the sophistication stakes, our favourite ice cream gods are dishing up an 8-course truffle gelato degustation to blow our minds. Available for $160 per head until July 31 at both Sydney and Melbourne Creative Department Restaurants, you can expect to indulge some of Australia’s best Perigord truffles in a food journey like no other.

The goods? Menu highlights include a roasted kombu and liquorice gelato with citrus and black truffle compote, brioche and foie gras gelato with truffle sauce, and pistachio and black truffle gelato with matcha tea and white choc fudge. Yikes! The best part? Each dish is accompanied by carefully selected drinks to enhance each flavour from sweet and savoury through to umami.


Never fear if your tastebuds aren’t quite accustomed to truffle gelato. Gelato Messina’s got you covered with a range of other options at its Creative Department restaurants.

Beginners should start with the eight-course classic degustation and be prepared for all sorts of sweet and savoury tastes ranging from a wild honey gelato served with peaches and vanilla and fennel pollen to a six basil sherbet with avocado, green chilli and pistachio.

messina truffle gelato degustation

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messina truffle gelato degustation
Messina’s six basil sherbet with avocado, green chilli and pistachio served as part of the classic degustation.

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