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Fratelli Is Serving 1.5 Litre Aperol Spritzes Because They Understand We Deserve The World

Fratelli Is Serving 1.5 Litre Aperol Spritzes Because They Understand We Deserve The World

Some things are just too powerful to be restrained by “reasonable standards” or “personal limits”. And because Fratelli Fresh in Sydney understands we deserve the world, they’ve announced they’ll be serving 1.5-litre Aperol Spritzes and 1-metre long pizzas during winter. They’re also serving cheese-wheel pastas, brand-new dessert boards and rolling out a bunch of new regular-sized pizzas.

The massive cocktail, known as the Super Spritz, can be yours for $39 at any Fratelli Fresh restaurant. If you split it with friends like Fratelli suggests, that’s like $10 each. Let’s be real though — you deserve this entire super-sized glass all to yourself. Snap a photo, get some insta-love, drink every last drop.


As for the 1 metre pizzas (available at Fratelli Fresh Darling Harbour and Westfield Centre), you can slap any two of Fratelli’s toppings on these bad boys for $79. They’ve got all the classic Italian offerings like buffalo mozzarella, spicy salami, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh basil. Make a cheese pizza. Make your own meat-lover’s pizza. Make whatever kind of pizza you want. You do you.

Adding to its already juicy winter line-up, Fratelli Fresh in Alexandria will also be hosting cooking classes every Tuesday in June. You can book online for an antipasti class, a masterclass in creating beautiful hand-made ravioli and a pizza class that covers everything from the dough to the cheese. There’s also a seafood and dessert class, and a Sunday Roast class that’ll teach you how to make the perfect roast and trimmings just in time for the colder months.


After something less hands-on and more indulgent? Fratelli is also offering up a series of luxe dinners. Book into three and four-course dinners all about wine pairings, vegan food and truffle-infused food.

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(All images: Anna Kucera)

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