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How To Get Your Hands On Koala’s Limited Edition Desk And Sort Out Your WFH Situation

How To Get Your Hands On Koala’s Limited Edition Desk And Sort Out Your WFH Situation

You know what sucks? Having to work from home when your only two options are setting up at the kitchen bench and the backless stools that reach it, or sitting on your bed all day. My back health is about minus 10 right now.

I highly doubt I’m the only one in a really weird working situation these days, so it’s a good thing Koala have swooped in to save our posture with their new ‘Work From Home’ desk. Yes, that’s the same Koala whose beds have a near-cult following.

Whether you are tall (me), short (not me) or anywhere in between, the new Koala WFH desk has been designed to cater to you.

Made from hand-sanded timber, the desk is super easy to put together, or take apart, and you won’t even need any tools. It also features cable management slots, a device stand and a hanger. So basically: simple, compact and well-organised.

The same free express delivery, 120-night trial and 5-year warranty that apply to the rest of Koala’s products will also apply to this bad boi, for a little peace of mind.

As with all Koala products, it’s also made in Australia, and right now we stan a local company to support.

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The desk is launching on May 25, with pre-order available now. It’s a limited edition item with only 500 being made, so you’ll need to get in quick. You can buy it riiiiight here.

Ok, it’s actually been a while since I’ve checked in on Koala and apparently you can actually deck out your whole house now? There’s also a sofa, a tv cabinet, a bookshelf, a sofa bed that I am now coveting, and more.

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