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A Restaurant In Melbourne Is Delivering *That* ‘Masterchef’ Black Box Dessert & I’ll Take Five

A Restaurant In Melbourne Is Delivering *That* ‘Masterchef’ Black Box Dessert & I’ll Take Five

The Masterchef Black Box dessert from Ides restaurant in Melbourne.

If you’ve been tuning into this season of Masterchef, you’ll know all about this week’s pressure test — The Black Box dessert. If you found yourself drooling over this sweet masterpiece, you’re in luck. It’s available for delivery in Melbourne.

The dessert is the brainchild of Peter Gunn, the chef and owner of Ides in Melbourne.

Gunn starred on the show to reveal the Masterchef Black Box pressure test.

The Black Box is an unassuming but highly technical cube that contains eleven elements including tempered chocolate, yoghurt pearls, gingerbread biscuits, grilled mandarin custard, honeycomb, chocolate soil, and sherbet. Whoa.

Unless you’re a master baker, that’s obviously too much for anyone to make at home. But why cry and swear in the kitchen when you can simply have this incredible dessert delivered straight to your door?

Like every other restaurant in Melbourne, Ides is closed to dine-in customers, but is still offering takeaway and delivery. The Black Box dessert costs $25 and you’re warned on the menu that it “requires a fridge and assembly is required.”


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Luckily, you won’t have to do too much. There’s just enough assembly to make you feel like a Masterchef contestant in your very own home.

“We’ve simplified a few things and had to do away with a few little garnishes, but the techniques are still very much present and we don’t put that on the person receiving the menu at home,” Gunn told 10 Daily.

You can order the Masterchef Black Box on its own or with a paired cocktail called ‘Vines in the Orchard’ made with umeshu, calvados, and topaque. The rest of the delivery menu is equally delish. You can order rock oysters, the Ides signature peanut butter and its humble mandarin cake.

Sorry to anyone who isn’t in Melbourne. But hey, at least Sydney restaurants are re-opening for dine-in customers again.

(Lead image: Ides / Facebook)

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