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10 Of The Most Stupidly Entertaining Movie Drinking Games

10 Of The Most Stupidly Entertaining Movie Drinking Games

Best Movie Drinking Games: 10 Movies To Watch When You Want To Drink

Watching one of your favourite movies (or roasting a terrible one) is always made better with the addition of alcohol. When you’re drinking, suddenly Cats isn’t just a waking fever dream but one of the best movie drinking games.

Finding a good movie to drink to is a careful balancing act. You don’t want to watch something that makes you think too hard, but you can’t just watch any old bad movie.

The best movie drinking games fall into one of two categories: movies that are so bad they’re good or cult movies that you’ve seen ten times already and still laugh at.

To help you plan your next big night in, we’ve rounded up some of the absolute best movies to turn into a drinking game. With a selection from Netflix, Stan, Disney+, and other on-demand platforms, there’s something for every movie night on this list.

Here are 10 of the best movie drinking games:

#1. Cats

There’s no other way to watch this nightmare of a movie. Seeing Rebel Wilson strip off her cat fur to reveal a pink leotard hits different when you’re drinking.

Drink when:

  • One of the cats was unspeakably horny
  • The scale of the cats changes
  • You see Jason Derulo’s penis
  • The characters act like real cats
  • You see the cat’s human feet

Rent it on Google Play, iTunes, or YouTube.

#2. Mean Girls

You can recite every every line of this movie by heart so it doesn’t matter if you get too rowdy to finish your drunk viewing.

Drink when:

  • Someone says Regina George’s full name
  • Cady’s name is mispronounced
  • Someone shares a rumour they’ve heard about Regina
  • Someone says “Africa”
  • An entry from the Burn Book is read aloud

Watch it on Stan.

#3. Star Wars: Episode 1 — The Phantom Menace

Sadly, talking about the best movie drinking games is the only time The Phantom Menace will be considered the best Star Wars movie.

Drink when:

  • Someone mentions midichlorians
  • Someone mentions “the Force”
  • JarJar says “Meesa”
  • A podracer crashes
  • There’s a screen wipe

Watch it on Disney+.

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#4. Twilight

If you’re going to rewatch the originals before Midnight Sun comes out (which you absolutely should do), you’ll need a few drinks.

Drink when:

  • Bella looks like she’s about to throw up
  • Edward looks uncomfortable
  • A vampire uses their powers
  • Bella and Edward stare silently at each other
  • A vampire sparkles

Watch it on Netflix.

#5. Fast & Furious

Honestly, pick any film in the series and all the same rules will still apply. Basically, you should be drinking whenever a car saves a real-world problem or a grown man throws a tantrum.

Drink when:

  • Vin Diesel talks about “family”
  • Paul Walker says “bro”
  • The camera focuses on a driver changing gears
  • Someone uses NOS
  • The camera gets too close to women in skimpy clothes

Watch it on Netflix.

#6. The Castle

“How’s the serenity,” is probably not what you’ll be saying once you’ve finished watching the movie with these drinking rules. But, spoiler alert, you will have to drink every time someone says it.

Drink when:

  • Darryl compliments Sal’s cooking
  • Someone says “Bonnie Doon”
  • Darryl says “How’s the serenity”
  • Darryl says “Tell him he’s dreamin'”
  • Someone repeats a line right after the narrator

Watch it on Stan.


#7. Harry Potter

Unlike the Fast & Furious series, which is pretty much the same movie with different stunts each time, each Harry Potter movie will have its own unique drinking rules. There are a few that apply to every movie, though.

Drink when:

  • Hermione saves the day
  • Ron eats or talks about wanting to eat
  • House points are awarded or taken away
  • They play Quidditch
  • A spell is cast

Rent it on YouTube.

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#8. Hustlers

Oh, to be J.Lo lounging on a rooftop wearing a magnificent fur coat. This is one of the best quality movies on the list and it’s almost a shame to drink through it. But at the end of the day, don’t we all want to party with Ramona?

Drink when:

  • Ramona calls someone “baby”
  • The women talk about being “sisters”
  • A credit card is swiped
  • Someone pops a bottle of champagne
  • Someone makes it rain dollar bills

Rent it on Google Play, iTunes, or YouTube.

#9. Love Actually

It may be a Christmas movie but time is meaningless right now, so go off! Of all the cheesy, sappy, awful, wonderful Christmas movies out there, Love Actually is the best, and makes for one of the best movie drinking games.

Drink when:

  • Someone says “Christmas”
  • Someone wears a turtleneck
  • You find out how people from parallel stories know each other
  • Someone is surprised to see the Prime Minister
  • You hear any part of “Christmas Is All Around Us”

Watch it on Stan.

#10. The Princess Switch

So you want to watch a Christmas movie, but not a good one? We’ve got you, baby girl. Come for two Vanessa Hudgenses, stay for the ridiculous baking drama and hot men.

Drink when:

  • Stacy and Margaret are on screen at the same time
  • Stacy and Margaret almost screw up impersonating the other
  • The mysterious man appears out of nowhere
  • Vanessa Hudgens wears a Chicago hat
  • You see an ad for another Netlifx Christmas movie

Watch it on Netflix.

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