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KitKat McFlurrys Will Be Popping Up At Your Local Macca’s From Tomorrow

KitKat McFlurrys Will Be Popping Up At Your Local Macca’s From Tomorrow

Grab your socially responsible face masks, bribe a mate to let you borrow the car or open up your food delivery apps, because KitKat is having a real renaissance this year, and this time it’ll be in your Macca’s McFlurry.

From tomorrow, July 22, your local McDonalds will be adding KitKat McFlurrys to the menu. As you might suspect, we’re talking Macca’s ice cream with crunched-up KitKat chunks whirled through, all topped off with a big old squirt of hot chocolate fudge. This 3.30-itis snack will set you back $5.40.

But wait, there’s more.

If you want all the KitKat and less of the ice cream (I’m not judging, I’m simply concerned), they’re also introducing a new KitKat Frappe for $5.50. You’ll still get your KitKat crumbles, but this time on top of blended ice chocolate drink, with a topping of whipped cream.

They’ll both be hanging around for a limited time, but you still have until September so that’s plenty of time to stuff your face.

I honestly had forgotten how good the humble KitKat was until earlier this month when I went to heaven/ the new Sydney KitKat Chocolatory Boutique and even made my own flavour (so yes, I’m Willy Wonka now, and low-key I’m amazing at designing chocolates). Now I’m back on the KitKat train and I can’t stop, won’t stop.

Image: McDonald’s

Not to mention, this new McFlurry flavour comes hot off the heals of the Banana Caramel Pie McFlurry, which was obviously delicious, if a little ‘too’ much. Then again, is there such thing as too much in 2020, when delish food combinations are literally our only saviour?

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Would I absolutely buy them both and wash it down with one of their new super cheesy burgers (sans the meat, because vegetarian, but also because you can’t beat cheese)? Yes, yes I would.

(Lead Image: McDonald’s)

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