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This Cult-Fave Burger Joint’s New Menu Features Caramilk Cocktails & Deep-Fried Snickers

This Cult-Fave Burger Joint’s New Menu Features Caramilk Cocktails & Deep-Fried Snickers

If you’ve never heard of Milky Lane, then my friend you’ve been missing out on the most over-the-top comfort food of your American-style diner life.

Known for taking the humble burger and then turning it up to 11, they’ve come out with some pretty radical concoction since they started in 2016, and now they’ve got a whole new menu at their multiple venues around Australia, and somebody please, just hook it to my veins.

“We pride ourselves on being innovative when it comes to food creations and we’re not afraid to experiment when it comes to menu items,” said Milky Lane Founder, Christian Avant, in a statement.

“Our new menu has been inspired by the latest trends with the intention of making our dining experiences one to enjoy with others”.

So what can you expect? Actually just so much.

There’s ‘The Hail Caesar’ burger with chicken schnitzel and a deep-fried mozzarella patty, the Big Poppa burger with crispy maple smoked bacon and onion rings, and a good old Chicken Parmi featuring smashed potato gems. And that’s just the savoury section.

For dessert, they’ve brought back the Deep-Fried Snickers (which used to be at a since-closed student pub from my uni days and was all I lived on, trust me, they’re good), as well as adding a ‘Caramilk and Biscoff Cookie Skillet’ with baked Caramilk, Biscoff and Cookie Dough, topped with Caramilk chips, crushed Lotus Biscuit, vanilla ice-cream and dusted with icing sugar. Mates, it’s decadent.

The true stars of this show though in my humble opinion, are the drinks.

There’s a Loaded Signature Caramilk Shake and a Loaded Signature Biscoff Shake — both large and creamy and overflowing with toppings.

Then the cocktails, oh my word, the cocktails.

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They start with the Grape Hubba Bubba Spider of my dreams — grape vodka, bubblegum syrup and Grape Fanta topped with ice cream and a Hubba Bubba strip. Continue on to a few shots and cocktails revolving around Biscoff — special mention to the Biscoff Espresso.

And finally (drumroll please), a Caramilk Cocktail featuring 42 Below Vodka, De Kuyper Butterscotch Liqueur and ice cream mix with Caramilk Foam and Crushed Caramilk as toppings. It’s way too much and I don’t care, I’ll take 20.

(All images: provided / Milky Lane)

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