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I Designed My Own Choccie Bar At The New KitKat Boutique So I’m Basically Willy Wonka Now

I Designed My Own Choccie Bar At The New KitKat Boutique So I’m Basically Willy Wonka Now

Have you ever sat in the chocolate isle, desperate for a sugar fix but also low-key thinking you could come up with a better flavour combo? Or maybe you’ve just held long-harboured beliefs you could be Willy Wonka, if only you’d had the chance.

Well, you beautiful confident weirdos, now’s your chance.

Nestlé announced the launch of Sydney’s first permanent KitKat Chocolatory boutique, following on from their success in Melbourne. It’s chocolate, so OBVIOUSLY I went along for a sneak peak — you know, to help you guys and for no other reason.

Let me just tell you, it’s a place of magic.

Image: Provided by author

First of all, for any of you wondering why a place selling only KitKats for far more premium prices is a big deal (because, same) let me assure you, we were so wrong.

First of all, I never realised how many different flavours of KitKat existed — and that’s just the regular flavours found around the world. We’re not just talking the Matcha flavour all your mates have brought home from Japan. There’s Saké, guava, churro, cotton candy, pistachio, green melon and I haven’t even started on the boutique range from Japan.

That’s before we even get to the boutique options available in store.

Image: Provided by author

Head Chocolatier, Connie Yuen (pictured above) was kind enough to take me around the boutique, and help my very non-chef butt design and make my own eight-fingered premium KitKat.

She came over to help set up the Sydney store, after turning her life-long love of chocolate into a job running the Melbourne boutique. Way to live the dream.

She explains to me that the design-your-own KitKat option here is no regular $2-from-the-supermarket KitKat. It’s premium-grade chocolate, with four flavours to choose from — white, raspberry, milk and dark — and a whole lot of mix-ins. There’s also eight fingers, not four.

Using the digital screens, you select your favourite pattern and greeting for the chocolate wrapper, then continue on to create your flavours.

I personally couldn’t resist making something with the naturally-pink (no really, Connie assured me) raspberry chocolate. It tastes like a mix of very white and regular milk choccie, to me.

Image: Provided by author

Connie informs me they generally recommend three add-ins, although you can go as wild or subdued as you wish. Trusting the expert’s opinion, I go for rose petals (yes, purely because they’re pretty), salted caramel puffs and roasted hazelnuts.

Normally, once you make your selection, you can wait around for 90-minutes while it sets, or you return later to collect it. Today, however, Connie clearly hasn’t been warned that I tend to ruin every kitchen I step into, and she lets me behind the counter to give it a go myself — yes I took the above picture as proof that I don’t ruin everything.

It’s actually not too hard, but it takes me about double the time it took Connie to pour the chocolate, place the wafters and add the mix-ins. Bless her heart, she tells me I’ve done well though.

If too much choice puts you in a tail spin, never fear — Connie and her fellow chocolate experts have a range of pre-made flavours you can pick out, but still with the option to personalise the packaging.

She tells me her favourite flavours are the coconuty Reimagined Aussie Lamington and the coffee-based Espresso Cookie Hazelnuts flavour. I mean, obviously she just hasn’t tasted mine yet, but besides that I trust her judgement.

By the way, I’m not even done. There’s also a cafe with hot and cold drinks and specialised KitKat inspired desserts. At this point I’m getting one hell of a sugar high, but I’m also not complaining about it.

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Image: Provided by author

One of my personal favourites was an English garden-inspired raspberry chocolate and sorbet deal, complete with fairy floss (but the fancy, grown-up kind) and real berries (so it’s a healthy dish then, right?),

The other was a matcha dessert dish complete with giant bubble that disappeared into a cloud of smoke when I popped it, plus meringue eggs and grapefruit.

There’s also an entire KitKat dessert train — yes, just like a sushi train — and basically this whole place is just wild to me.

Image: Provided by author

While Melbourne may have been the first boutique in Australia, there are plenty more around the world that allowed them to perfect their skills before opening a store in Sydney. Japan, Malaysia, the UK, Canada and Brazil all have their own, which is evident from the range of KitKat flavours you’ll find.

We’ve curated the very best of our KitKat Chocolatory boutiques,” said Connie, “And I’m delighted to showcase the creativity that goes into premium chocolate-making here in Sydney.”

Most importantly, when you’re here, and you’re chatting to the experts, you realise just how much passion goes into every creation.

If you’re itching to get into the Sydney store, the grand opening will be on July 6 at its new location inside Mid City just off Pitt Street Mall in the CBD. They will actually be open to the public two days earlier though, if you’d like a chance to scope it out on the sly.

(Lead Image: Provided / KitKat Boutique)

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