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Is This Australia’s Next Foodie Destination?

Is This Australia’s Next Foodie Destination?

Join us at The Real South Australia as we explore, share, like and chat about the best holidays spots and places, attractions and events our state has to offer.

A bountiful countryside and vast oceans, plus a city centre that boasts wide roads, heritage buildings, authentic fresh produce at the Central Market and parklands on every outer terrace, Adelaide is a fast becoming your go-to destination for all things hip and delicious.

With a booming array of small bars and unique restaurants popping up, the South Australian city has truly found its foodie heart. In the lead up to Adelaide’s annual Tasting Australia (to be held from May 1-8, 2016), we sent Instagram wiz kid TAYGAN BASSI to experience a different side of her hometown and get a taste of what South Australia can deliver, straight from the paddock to your plate. 

Adelaide’s Botanic Gardens

The first stop on our foodie tour was The Botanic Gardens in Adelaide. The Gardens are a peaceful place to spend time in good company, relaxing with a coffee (or a local wine) at their restaurant.


Among the luscious gardens you can also find the Museum of Economic Botany – a truly fascinating and aesthetically pleasing place to learn about the importance of plants in our lives, past and present.


I was stunned to find out the answers to things I’d never thought about – like just how many different kinds of apples there are in the world. (Over 7,000, FYI!)


Local chef Simon Bryant joined us to talk about why he loves South Australia and its produce – his passion and enthusiasm are obvious and they’re fitting traits for the creative director of the 8-day Tasting Australia event in May 2016.

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He spoke with excitement about what the event has to offer and how South Australia has many unique regions that determine the taste and the substance of the food that it produces. He strives for sourcing ethical, local and fresh ingredients, believing that meals should be “guided by the produce” to really let the ingredients shine.


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