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Solve A Murder Mystery Onboard A Napa Valley Wine Tour

Solve A Murder Mystery Onboard A Napa Valley Wine Tour

A closeup of a train used by The Napa Valley Wine Train, who are hosting Murder Mystery tour

Two of our faves combined at last: murder mysteries and wine tours through the glorious Napa Valley. The Napa Valley Wine Train and The Murder Mystery Party have teamed up to bring us a wine tour with a speakeasy-themed murder twist. Life is pretty sweet in 2019.

Napa Valley Wine Train is most well known for their luxe food tours through the California countryside. Their new murder mystery tour is no different: guests will still get a three-course gourmet dinner, it’ll just come with a dash of added murder.


Players intent on solving the crime will have to contend with rival Mafia gangs, undercover feds and plenty of mayhem as they investigate the crime scene and work out who did the dirty deed.


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The game is set in the 1920s, during the prohibition-era when California’s underground was run by mobsters. Everyone’s encouraged to dress up in their best flapper dresses, pinstripe suits and feather boas. This is the one time you should wear a fedora. If your closet is strangely lacking in any 1920s outfits, you can still play along as a plain-clothes private detective.

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The vintage train will also be transformed into a travelling speakeasy – which is the most fitting location for a murder mystery game we’ve ever heard of.


To solve the murder, players will have to gather information and trade clues with other suspects before the murderer can get off scot-free!

The murder mystery game will run on specific days between April and November. To find out more or to book a seat on the soon-to-be crime scene, visit the Napa Valley Wine Train website.

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(Lead image: The Napa Valley Wine Train)

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