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These Were The 10 Most Popular Destinations For Australians Last Year

These Were The 10 Most Popular Destinations For Australians Last Year

Australians love holidays and we have a deserved reputation of being avid travellers – but where have the majority of us been jetting off to? Europe? America? Asia? have crunched the numbers and worked out where you were most likely to find Australians in 2015 and  – perhaps unsurprisingly – the list was topped by an old favourite.


Bali is where you would have found the most Australians in 2015, showing that our love affair with our northern neighbour is still going strong. Having topped the list in 2014 as well, this magical Indonesian paradise is praised for its beaches, its foodie culture, its relaxation retreats and its killer day-trips.



The data also revealed a resurgence in the popularity of Thailand for Australan travellers. Both Bangkok and Phuket made great strides on the list this year, adding to a strong contingent of popular Asian holiday destinations like Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo. America also proved to be the place to be in 2015, with three major cities making it into the top ten. Besides London, no European cities made the top ten, which is surprising given our remarkable tolerance for long-haul flights.

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The full list of international destinations for Aussie travellers can be seen here:

#10 Las Vegas
#9 Tokyo
#8 Hong Kong
#7 Bangkok
#6 Honolulu
#5 London
#4 Phuket
#3 Singapore
#2 New York
#1 Bali

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