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The Wholesome Aussie ‘Pasta Hotline’ Series Is The Only Good Kind Of Cooking Tutorial

The Wholesome Aussie ‘Pasta Hotline’ Series Is The Only Good Kind Of Cooking Tutorial

How To Make Pasta: Learn With The Very Aussie 'Pasta Hotline' YouTube

Recipe videos are, generally, quite bad. If I watch a video of someone cooking, they’d better be a bad cook (funny to watch) or Paris Hilton making lasagne (a visionary). But I’ll make an exception for Pasta Hotline, a new YouTube channel dedicated to teaching you how to make pasta.

Who among us hasn’t tried making their own sourdough, banana bread or pies during iso? Those things are all delicious, but pasta reigns supreme on the food chain (or, it should).

That’s the kind of injustice that pasta enthusiast Andrew Eramo set out to correct when he launched Pasta Hotline. In a series of weekly videos, Eramo wants to teach you how to make your own pasta including fettuccine, ravioli, lasagne, gnocchi and more.


“Over the next five weeks, we’re going to be making different types of pastas,” Eramo says in the channel’s introduction video. “We’re going to start off with the basics and we’re going to work our way up to learning a little bit more complex dishes.”

“This is going to be a wholesome experience. This is pasta that is so much better for you.”

His videos run through all the ingredients you’ll need, and he keeps it pretty simple. He does add a few fun flavours that you should already have in your kitchen, though.


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Then he shows you, step by step, how to make each recipe, including how you can do it without a proper pasta machine.

There’s just something wholesome, achievable, and a little big intentionally daggy about Pasta Hotline. The channel makes me believe I could make my own pasta, something I’ve always been too afraid to try.

And they’re just fun to watch. A good host can make or break a cooking video, and Eramo is effortlessly charismatic and obviously very passionate about pasta. We love our new pasta king.

Pasta Hotline streams live every Thursday at 7pm. If you miss a stream, you can catch up online later.

(Lead image: Rebeca G. Sendroiu / Unsplash & Pasta Hotline / YouTube)

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