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Scrap Your Dinner Plans Because You Can Now Get 12-Packs Of Frozen Dumplings From Din Tai Fung

Scrap Your Dinner Plans Because You Can Now Get 12-Packs Of Frozen Dumplings From Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung Delivery: Stock Up On Frozen Dumplings, Buns & Noodles

Food deliveries have been one of the only things keeping us all sane lately. And now our very favourite dumpling restaurant — Din Tai Fung, of course — is getting in on it by launching its first online store.

The store is serving all of our Din Tai Fung favourites, like xiao long bao, pork buns, shrimp and pork wonton soup, egg fried rice with crumbed chicken, Kung Pao chicken noodles, and lava mini buns.


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But perhaps most exciting is the fact Din Tai Fung is now selling its dumplings by the frozen bag. That means you can stash an eight or 12-pack of chicken dumplings, vegetarian wontons, shrimp and pork shao mai, and  black truffle xia long bao in your freezer for a night in need.

They’re also slinging proper bamboo steamer baskets, so you can cook yours properly at home.

Oh, and they’ve also released cooking instructions for all the frozen food. Certifiably not at all possible to mess up at home!

But it’s not just frozen dumplings you can stock up on. Din Tai Fung is also selling frozen noodles, fried rice, wok dishes, soup broths, sauces, and sweet and savoury buns.

Din Tai Fung At Home is split into two sections: one serving frozen food that the restaurant will deliver to your door, and the other serving the normal range of hot, ready-to-eat meals that you can order for pick-up.

Order from Din Tai Fung At Home here if you’re in Sydney or Melbourne.

Looking for more amazing food you can have delivered? Sydney’s favourite Merivale restaurants are going to start delivering to Melbourne soon, and you can already register to be among the first to order when they kick off.

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(Lead image: bongkarn thanyakij / Pexels)

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