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Helsinki Has Introduced A Hilarious Welcome Banner For Winter Travellers

Helsinki Has Introduced A Hilarious Welcome Banner For Winter Travellers

Winter in Europe can be a tough slog – especially if you’re headed north to Helsinki, where the average temperature was a cool one degree this past November. It’s hard; but there are a fair few travellers still keen to see Northern Europe in all it’s shining glory come winter. And those people are some serious badasses.

Or so says Helsinki’s latest tourism banner for winter travellers.

A sign by the airport in Helsinki, Finland.

In a post on Reddit last week, a user shared an image of a large welcome banner found just outside Helsinki airport. The sign reads: “Nobody in their right mind would come to Helsinki in November. Except you, you badass. Welcome.”

The comical banner was unveiled for Slush, a tech conference that took place in the Finnish capital last week. CEO of Slush Marianne Vikkula told indy100 that come November, Helsinki was “probably the worst possible place you can imagine.” It’s dark wet and cold, so it’s seemingly quite difficult to promote an otherwise lovely capital city – but Slush decided to embrace it. “We at Slush have always been about originality and honesty, so we try to make the best out of the shitty weather.”

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So it begs the question: are you badass enough for Finland in winter? Here’s some much needed inspiration to get you there:


(Lead image: Visit Finland)

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