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This Has To Be The Coolest Way To See The Northern Lights

This Has To Be The Coolest Way To See The Northern Lights

There’s plenty of ways to enjoy the Northern Lights – whether it’s from the comfort of a heated glass igloo or a luxe Arctic treehouse – each is as impressive and highly sought after as the last. But why would you want to share your Northern Lights experience with a bunch of strangers? How about ticking of this bucket list item in complete solitude?

That where the Aurora Bubble Sled comes in. Launched by UK-based outfitter Off The Map Travel, this ingenious mobile sled can be rented out in the Finnish wilderness for those looking to reach Reece Witherspoon levels of wild.


This portable mobile hotel room is on skis, so it can be towed by snowmobile from its base in the town of Kilpisjarvi – which, by the way, is said to be one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights.

The bubble is comfortable, warm and can accommodate two people for an overnight stay. It has a thermostat-controlled diesel heating system that will keep the bubble toasty for up to 24 hours, a 180 degree transparent roof that will provide front-to-back views of the surroundings, pillows, a mattress, sleeping bags and even bean bags for extra comfort.


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After hopping the bubble, guests are towed out into the wilderness (with an emergency mobile phone, of course) with a guide that will explain the astrophysics behind the aurora borealis. If nature calls during the night, guests can easily return to their accommodation back in Kilpisjarvi – but considering your surroundings, probably best to hold on, ey?

The bubble sled can be rented through Off The Map Travel in their tailored Kilpisjarvi itineraries from December to March.

(Images: Kilpissafarit)

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