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China Has Opened The World’s Longest Escalator

China Has Opened The World’s Longest Escalator

Not quite content with having the world’s tallest outdoor elevator, China can now lay claim to the world’s longest sightseeing escalator as well.

This mega escalator is located in the Enshi Grand Canyon, in the Hubei province of central China and measures an impressive 688 metres long. Admittedly, escalators aren’t what you’d likely associate with sightseeing, but for a countryside as sprawling and impressive as China’s, it’s almost necessary.


Its location couldn’t be in a better spot – the Enshi Grand Canyon is a magnet for tourists thanks to its spectacular valley views. Thanks to the new structure, it’s estimated over 600,000 visitors will be able to visit the area per year, meaning the escalator will feasibly be able to carry 7300 visitors per hour and transport them to key scenic spots across the valley.

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The escalator was built along the mountain in a “∑” shape at Qixingzhai, a popular scenic spot at the Canyon. Constructed from ecologically sustainable materials, including wood, tile, steel and concrete, this attraction will set you back 20 Yuan (or $3.90AUD) per ride.

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