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This Map Shows Every Country’s Tourism Slogan And They’re Wild

This Map Shows Every Country’s Tourism Slogan And They’re Wild

Ah, tourism slogans. Some are definitely better than others, but they’re never quite ‘right’, are they. The thing is, I definitely never considered them enough to realise just how insane they truly are.

It’s something that did not go unnoticed by Twitter user, Laleh Khalili.

“The tourism slogan for most of these countries seem to have been coined by some sadist who is rubbing their hands in glee and going mwahaha as they write out threats,” Laleh pointed out. “(Iran: You are invited; Iraqi Kurdistan: The OTHER Iraq; New Zealand: 100% Pure; There is NOTHING like Australia)”.

The thing is, she’s not wrong. Perhaps with the iconic exception of the Aussie tourism campaign “where the bloody hell are you” back in 2006, which sounded more like your grumpy ageing dad getting frustrated that his pies hadn’t arrived yet.

Cop a close-up of that map:


Twitter is backing up the theory too, noting how luck lustre or sarcastic a lot of the slogans can appear to be.

I just want to know how no-one is bagging out Iceland? Not as a country, but for having “Inspired by Iceland” as their slogan. I guess at least they weren’t inspired by anyone else?

I also really need to know why El Salvador is “The 45-minute country”. Like, all I need is a touch under and hour and boom, country is explored? A quick google tells me they’re alluding to the short distances between attractions. Weird flex, but ok.

Anyway you get it, I could go on for hours but do yourself a favour and procrastinate over that map for a while. I can’t stop laughing.

(Lead Image: Twitter / @LalehKhalili)

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