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Six Of The Funniest Moments From ‘Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year’

Six Of The Funniest Moments From ‘Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year’

Hamish & Andy's Gap Year: 6 Of The Funniest Moments From The Show

Australian sweethearts, loveable weirdos and travel icons, Hamish & Andy are finally coming back to our TVs this year with a brand-new travel show. But long before the big chaotic energy that was the trailer for “Perfect” Holiday came into our lives, their first show, Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year, was the funniest thing on Aussie TV.

Where’s the lie?

Gap Year saw Hamish and Andy travel around the world doing, honestly, just a lot of hilarious, silly, fun stuff. It quickly became one of our favourite shows thanks to the unique way it showcased two best friends travelling together.


So before “Perfect” Holiday becomes our new obsession, we wanted to look back and celebrate the duo’s original adventures around the world.

Here are 6 of the funniest moments from Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year:

#1 When Hamish pretended to be Andy’s baby to help him pick up women

What have you done to help your BFF get laid? If your answer isn’t “hidden in a stroller and pretended to be a baby”, I don’t want to hear it.


Not surprisingly, Andy didn’t get any hot dates out of this stunt in New York, but that might be a good thing tbh. Nobody should be seduced by a giant baby gently cooing “Kiss my dad”.

We simply must appreciate the man who tells Hamish he’s an ugly baby, and the perfect comedic timing of Hamish’s “Hey, fuck you, man!”

#2 When Hamish ate the hottest sausage in Germany and almost died

We can all agree that watching people eat spicy food is one of the greatest joys in the universe. The pain, the fear, the anger — it’s truly beautiful, and when Andy forced Hamish to eat the hottest sausage in Germany, our sweet baby bird went through all of these emotions in spectacular style.


#3 When they jumped off the Stari Most bridge in Mostar

It’s tradition for the young men in Mostar, a city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to jump from the top of of the Stari Most bridge into the Neretva river more than 20-metres below. And when Hamish and Andy travelled there for Euro Gap Year, they took the plunge as well. It went okay…


“I think my shrieking’s probably going to stop me from entering manhood,” Hamish admits in a hilarious moment of self-awareness. Watching grown men getting hurt trying to prove their manhood will never not be funny, amirite?

#4 When Hamish entered a bodybuilding competition

Don’t get me wrong, Hamish is hot. We’re thirsty for Hamish. Hamish could get it. But he’s, how do you say, not very thicc.


He’s no Wide Boy Adam Driver, or Large Man Henry Cavill. But that didn’t stop him from entering the New York State Bodybuilding Championships and honestly, he looked pretty good on stage flexing as hard as he possibly could.

#5 When Hamish ate 10-year-old tofu

Poor Hamish was forced to eat a lot of awful food for Gap Year, but this might have been the worst of them all. In Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year: Asia, the boys travelled to Taiwan and ate Stinky Tofu, which tastes even worse than the name suggests.

Anyway, it’s hilarious to see him panic before he eats it, so let’s watch it!


#6 When the boys wore hats made of fireworks

A “torito” is a bull-shaped frame made from wire, wood and paper mache that people in Mexico load up with fireworks and carry on their shoulders during festivals and celebrations. In Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year: South America, the boys donned toritos and proceeded to run around in a panic as the fireworks went off above their heads.

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The production team couldn’t (or wouldn’t) find all the usual protective gear, so the experts advised the boys to dance around to save from getting burnt. “So, keep moving more for safety?” Hamish asked incredulously.

“Exactly,” their guide nodded and smiled.

That’s the kind of brazen attitude to travel that made us love Hamish & Andy’s Gap Year, and it looks like their new show will bring a similar vibe of chaotic energy to the simple act of travelling around the world. “Perfect” Holiday premiers on Sunday, November 17, so let’s all rewatch the trailer while we wait!

(Lead image: Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year)

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