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PSA: This Casual Job Will Pay You Just To Eat At A Bunch Of Trendy Restaurants

PSA: This Casual Job Will Pay You Just To Eat At A Bunch Of Trendy Restaurants

They say to do what you love and you won’t work a day in your life. As someone doing what I love, I can confirm. You can’t have my job (I will fight you) but seeing as everyone loves eating, I may just have found the other of the best jobs in Australia — and you won’t have to quit your day gig.

If you haven’t heard of Australian Venue Co, you’ve definitely heard of their venues. They operate over 160 pubs and bars around the country like Bungalow8, The Winery, Fargo and Co, The Exchange Beach Club and Darling & Co.

Look, I don’t normally write about job listings, but when I do it’s because they actually sound like a hoot. Right now Australian Venue Co looking for 36 mystery shoppers to essentially be paid in money and food to go eat anonymously at their venues. All you need to do is give a detailed report on your experience.

The report will basically be on customer service levels in the venue — so yes, you’re basically a professional nark — but still, it’s more or less free food.


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As long as you love eating and drinking, can get yourself to assigned pubs and bars through the year, remain discreet and impartial, and be chatty when you arrive, then you have what it takes.

Given we missed out on a year of entertainment outside the house, it seems only right that we get paid to have a good time now. Go apply here.

(Lead image: Instagram / Australian Venue Co)

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