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Gelato Messina’s Beloved Mango Pancakes Are Back For Chinese New Year

Gelato Messina’s Beloved Mango Pancakes Are Back For Chinese New Year

Do you dream of overladen yum cha carts rattling towards your table? Do you wake up thinking about really good gelato? Well, fresh from winning Christmas, Gelato Messina is here to make your summer.

The high-end gelato empire has teamed with Melbourne institution Wonderbao on a special Chinese New Year menu. You can find the delicacies at the next Messina Eats pop-up event on Friday, January 31 and Saturday, February 1.

The pop-up series goes down at Gelato Messina HQ in the Sydney suburb of Rosebery. While previous editions showcased everything from Italian pizza to Argentine asado, this one feels extra special.

Why so special? Well, it marks the return of what Messina calls its “most popular dessert ever”.

We’re talking of course about Messina’s mango pancakes. They’re an update on the yum cha classic, filling mango crepes filled with mango sorbet and whipped cream.

Meanwhile, Wonderbao will take care of the savoury portion. The ‘headline act’ is a lobster ‘baoguette’, which – surprise! – combines a bao and a lobster roll. Genius stuff.

You’ll also sample a range of bao dressed up with pork belly, fried chicken or silken tofu. Last but not least: shaker fries with sweet paprika seasoning and a special selection of drinks for Lunar New Year. We’re talking dulce de leche and earl grey milk tea and a lychee soda with mango and coconut jellies. (Check out the photo gallery above for a proper look.)

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There’s no booking required, with the party running from 12pm to late. The food will be there until it’s not. Fair warning, though: you won’t be the only one craving mango pancakes that weekend.

(All Images: Gelato Messina / Supplied)

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