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Hold Up: Messina Just Dropped A Fairy Bread Cookie Pie Stuffed With Custard

Hold Up: Messina Just Dropped A Fairy Bread Cookie Pie Stuffed With Custard

Is it just me paying more attention because we haven’t been allowed to leave the house as much, or have delicious sugary dessert offerings been turned up to 11 this year?

There was Ben & Jerry’s edible cookie dough, a new KitKat boutique, a KitKat McFlurry and even a Caramilk Banana Cake. and. Even just today I discovered Caramilk choc tops were a thing.

An now, now we have the latest bake-at-home cookie pie from gelato gods Gelato Messina, and it’s a goddamn Fairy Bread Cookie Pie Stuffed With Custard. It’s like they read about my obsession with Fairy Bread, and somehow already knew I think custard is one of the world’s pure delights, then mixed them together for me. Thank you, Messina.

This totally delectable treat is filled with oozing vanilla custard and topped with 100s and 1000s. Honestly, you had me at custard filling. Also just because every past cookie pie has been an absolute smash.


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You can pre-order yours from all stores from Monday July 27 at 10am, so you’d best keep refreshing this online order page every second before then to make sure you nab one, or 20, before they sell out — which is always quickly. Then you can pick them up in-store between Friday July 31 and Sunday August 2.

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Then all you have to do is chuck it in the oven at home for 25 to 30 minutes and then absolutely go to town. You can get the full baking instructions here.

A single pie will set you back $20, or you can upgrade to a gelato-pie combo packs that cost from $28 to $39.

In case you missed it, Messina have also partnered with Maison Balzac to create a couple of limited edition candles to make your home smell like an actual dessert, with or without a cookie pie in the oven, so you might want to grab one of those while you’re at it.

(Lead Image: Gelato Messina)

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