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I Don’t Mean To Alarm You, But Messina Are Selling Espresso Martini Cocktail Kits

I Don’t Mean To Alarm You, But Messina Are Selling Espresso Martini Cocktail Kits

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With most of Australia currently in lockdown or living with some kind of COVID-related restrictions, we’ll take any good news we can get. Today, that good news is that Messina and Cocktail Porter are relaunching the cocktail-making kits we all fell in love with last Christmas. And, as a bonus treat, they’ve added some new flavours to the cocktail menu. Enjoy!

Nobody has asked me what I want for Christmas (yet) but when (if) someone does, I know what I will be politely wishing for because Gelato Messina — my all-time favourite gelato shop — has just announced that they’re launching a range of cocktail kits in partnership with Cocktail Porter. The best part: One of the cocktails is an espresso martini, my go-to drink.

Together, Messina and Cocktail Porter are releasing two cocktail-making kits: a dulce de leche espresso martini kit, and coconut and lychee giña colada kit. The espresso martini box comes complete with vodka, Kahlúa, cold drip coffee, shaved coconut, and Messina’s dulce de leche topping and hazelnut spread. It looks just as good as you’d imagine a Messina espresso martini to look.


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Meanwhile, the giña colada kit comes with gin (hence the giña, instead of the traditional piña), coconut water, pineapple juice, verjuice, and vouchers for Messina’s lychee and coconut gelato. They both sound equally as great, and I’m personally considering opting for the giña colada kit for afternoon drinks in the sun, and the espresso martini kit for after-dinner cocktail hour. (In my imagination, I am much fancier than I actually am, and host things like cocktail hours.)

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Each cocktail kit is available in two different sizes. The small, which makes six drinks, and the large, which makes 18. If you’re after the espresso martini kit, a small will set you back $85 and the large, $149. And if you’re going for the giña colado, a small kit will be $89 and the large, $159. When you consider the fact that I’ve paid $19 for a single espresso martini at a bar before — that definitely didn’t include Messina-level ingredients — the kits feel like a very justifiable investment. They also sound like a great gift option for your favourite booze-loving friend or relative, if you’re really getting over buying bottles of fancy-ish red wine.

The kits launched online yesterday over at Cocktail Porter, and deliver nation-wide. Enjoy!

(Lead Image: Supplied / Cocktail Porter)

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