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The Little Penguin March On Phillip Island Is Being Live-Streamed To Brighten Our Lives

The Little Penguin March On Phillip Island Is Being Live-Streamed To Brighten Our Lives

It’s impossible not to be charmed by penguins: their little waddle, that funny call they make and their round bellies. That goes double for the Little/Fairy Penguins of Phillip Island.

I went there with my family when I was about 12 to watch the nightly penguin march from the ocean to their burrows, and it was magic.

Obviously, there’s no going to visit Phillip Island or Victoria in general right now — a fact which sucks for us but probably has the penguins rejoicing that all the damn tourists have stopped clogging up their beach.

In good news for us though, Phillip Island Nature Parks will be live streaming the daily sunset parade from 6pm, running for 30 minutes, via their Facebook page and Youtube channel.

They’ll even have some of Phillip Island’s rangers proving some expert commentary and sharing penguin facts while you watch.

We have some very exciting news to share with you all 🎉🎉

Tomorrow night at 6pm we’ll be launching a live stream of our…

Posted by Phillip Island Nature Parks on Sunday, August 23, 2020

Just look at the little things!

While many zoos got on the live stream train during lockdown (and we LOVE them for it), according to Phillip Island Nature Parks this is believed to be the “first live stream of a natural wildlife event at a regular time, with expert commentary”.

Oh and the first of the little babies have hatched too, look how fluffy they are:

Just imagine, you go about your day either stuck at home bored and/or stressed, or back in the office busy and/or stressed. The general anxiety of 2020 upon you at most times. Then boom, six o’clock rolls around and you get to forget about your worries and just watch the little penguins waddle their way up from the ocean.

That’s 30 minutes of pure bliss, in my opinion.

(Lead Image: Provided / Visit Victoria)

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