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Taronga TV Is Back Online, Streaming All Your Favourite Animals

Taronga TV Is Back Online, Streaming All Your Favourite Animals

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One upside to lockdown is being able to watch a livestream of Sydney’s Taronga Zoo, thanks to the return of Taronga TV.

The pandemic saw a lot of businesses experimenting with new ways of satisfying their fans and this included Taronga Zoo. Last year, they turned to live-streaming as a way for people to continue to connect with the 5000 animals in their care, which led to the launch of Taronga TV. Considering it was a smashing success, it’s now back during the current lockdown.

While they stream from certain animal enclosures, with live cams set up to view the tigers, lions, and elephants, there’s a bunch of other fun stuff on offer.

Taronga TV is a full blown digital platform, meaning you can catch everything from behind-the-scenes ‘sneak peeks’ and a look into ‘animal antics’, along with after-hours footage of what the keepers and the animals get up to when the park is closed.

There are presentations, like their latest Free Flight Birds, which are like TV episodes filmed each day.

The online hub is a resource brimming with educational information too, including keeper chats and even a look into the wildlife hospital. There are online talks that are perfect for kids, both big and small, where you can learn about exotic wildlife, local fauna, conservation, and our natural world.

For example, did you know that, contrary to popular belief, a camel’s hump isn’t full of water? Let Taronga’s Hayden take you to meet two camels and their keepers, who will explain what’s really going on. Plus, you get to watch how a camel is groomed.

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New content is released daily on Taronga TV’s FacebookInstagram, and YouTube channel, alongside

If you’re struggling to see any action, that’s probably because the cams are set up in one part of an enclosure and Taronga offers animals in their care the freedom to move around their habitat and display natural behaviours. This means they’re probably chilling or sleeping somewhere, so if you can’t see them right away, check back a little later or keep it rolling on the living room TV.

Once lockdown restrictions ease, you could consider staying at Taronga Zoo Sydney’s immersive eco retreat. And if zoos are your jam, definitely take a look into award-winning Wildlife Habitat, listed in our ultimate guide to the Port Douglas Daintree region.

(Lead image: Taronga Zoo Sydney by David Maunsell / Unsplash)  

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