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Forget Skiing, Head To This Victorian Slope To Let Dingoes Guide You On A Snow Walk

Forget Skiing, Head To This Victorian Slope To Let Dingoes Guide You On A Snow Walk

While I’ve heavily researched what to do in the snow if you’re not a keen skier, this latest adventure is one I never saw coming. From now until the end of ski season, you can walk through the snow with dingoes just two and a half hour’s drive from Melbourne.

Ski season is officially open, and Melbourne‘s closest ski field — Mt Baw Baw — is ready for business. And so are its resident dingoes.

If like me, you thought this seemed a little out of place, then you’ll also be surprised to know there are actually Alpine Dingoes who live in high elevation areas of the Aussie Alps and grow a thicker coast during late autumn to deal with the oncoming snow. Neat, huh?

Two such dingoes — named Rowdy and Warragul — call Mt Baw Baw ski resort home and are ready and willing to take you (and one to three friends) for a casual snowshoe walk through their domain from just $39 per person. You’ll even get a little cuddle with these very good bois. It’s not all for your benefit though, the walks are also raising awareness for this threatened species.

“It is impossible not to feel the joy after spending some time with our two dingoes, and we’ve found that families really appreciate the educational side of the walks as well which really helps in changing attitudes towards dingoes,” said Sally Brook, Visitor Experience Manager.

Launched for the first time in summer this year by Visit Victoria, the dingoes have made themselves so popular that they’ll be back for the first time ever in a winter setting.

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“Adding snow into the mix makes the experience so unique but it does mean that snowshoes are often required so there are a few logistics to sort out,” said Amon Bradshaw. “Our Dingo walks have been extremely popular over the summer months so we’re super excited to offer this as a bookable activity in the snow”.

Look, yes, I’ve already outed myself as someone who isn’t particularly passionate about skiing, but I still think this is obviously the best thing you can do in the snow. You can head here to book.

If you’re just as new to hitting the Aussie slopes as I am, you can check out our beginner’s guide with everything you need to know before you go.

(All images: provided / Mt Baw Baw Resort)

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